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“We all need to remember that we could be saving someone’s life by just a simple vehicle check report. “  

- CarDotCheck 

When buying a secondhand car, how can I know the mileage is accurate?
If you feel a car's mileage isn't accurate, you can:
  • Check the mileage values on the MOT certificates and service records for uniformity.
  • Inquire with prior owners listed on the logbook about the mileage when they sold the car.
  • Get mileage statistics from a CarDotCheck car mileage check.

Use CarDotCheck to confirm that the reported mileage matches the odometer reading. A buyer can use this information to determine where an automobile is in its lifecycle by looking at its mileage.

Tampering with an odometer is a felony because it deceives customers, since someone may believe an automobile is in good condition because of its low mileage, but it could have been worn down more than they realize. If the product is being sold as a result of deception, it is called fraud. 


If you're already inside the car, look for signs of tampering, such as scratches or fingerprints where they shouldn't be, and low odometer readings although the vehicle appears to be much older. Believe in your gut.
With this in mind, it's easy to see why mileage is so important when purchasing a used vehicle. Even if two cars are of the same make, model, and year, their values may differ significantly due to mileage, it is such a critical piece of information that goes unnoticed unless the buyer is careful.
Purchasing a used car can be a cost-effective option, the odometer is usually the first item you glance at because the mileage affects the vehicle's worth. You will have pay less for a car with higher mileage, and vice versa. Some sellers are enticed to tamper with the vehicle's odometer mileage so that they can pocket the profit. Rollback scams have been exposed at some car dealerships.
It is easy to alter a vehicle's odometer mileage, with certain tools and software. When you buy a used car that has been rolled back, your loss is usually the seller's gain. Let's make sure you don't end yourself in a position like this, check if the odometer reading is genuine or not.
Inspect the exterior, listen to the engine, inspect the tires, and drive it. Low mileage is often seen as a good selling point for a vehicle, since no one wants a heavily used vehicle and it can be falsified through a process known as 'clocking,' resulting in lower mileage and higher price for the seller.

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